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Extensions on the Vodia PBX have multiple numbers, DIDs and ANIs for inbound and outbound call identification.


From installation, the PBX automatically determines geographic location and sets itself up automatically - saving you hours of programming and configuration changes


From Auto Attendant, Conferencing, Mailbox features through to Hunt and Agent groups and automated outbound dialling


The PBX comes with CRM integration built-in with connectivity to popular existing systems including SalesForce. Generic methods including ActionURL and server-side EMCA scripting allows for integration within non-mainstream systems

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The team at Interactem are skilled IT&C practitioners with a wealth of industry experience. We work with you to ensure you get the best outcome from technology, supporting you, your business and your team. Our hosted voice platform is secure, robust and fully-featured. For nearly 20 years we have partnered with leading Telco suppliers to ensure you receive a true carrier-grade service over quality-guaranteed IP links.

The Vodia PBX has grown over more than a decade into a software product that addresses a wide range of requirements in the business communication space. It is a fully featured business PABX, No Cap-EX, only pay for what you use on a central platform that connects every team member – in the office, working from home, or on the road


Extensions are at the core of every PBX. Vodia Extensions have multiple numbers, DIDs and ANIs for inbound and outbound call identification. Each extension can have its own timezone, web and IVR language, ringtone, permissions, address book and music on hold source.

Every extension can have multiple mobile phones associated with it; having it ring either immediately or after some time when an incoming call is received. This can be programmed to time-of-day ensuring users don’t receive calls out of hours. Vodia PBX also allows outgoing calls from mobiles to appear from the extension – extending the users mobility.

Calls to and from extensions can be recorded automatically or manually; with programmable options to only record calls when made to / received from a certain hunt group, direct call to the extension etc. Recordings can be written to the local file system or using the SIPREC standard.

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From Automated Setup to get you going sooner to automatic discovery and configuration over a large choice of VoIP devices. Every extension and every domain can have its own location information; language and timezone.

Built-in SNMP sensors report important information about status, calls, registrations etc. Daily automated reporting can give you an overview of performance including MOS scores and the traffic quality.

Multiple Domains

Vodia PBX also handles multiple-domains on the same server – sharing the same IP across mutliple tenants reducing maintenance work. Each domain has it’s own log-in, accounts, TLS certificate, CDR, recording and trouble-shooting logs and logos. Included is also a Session Border Controller which makes traversal of firewalls and NAT routing easier; working with multiple adapters and supports a mixture of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses allowing it to work across VLAN, VPN, LAN and WAN.

Automatic white and black-listing makes Vodia PBX robust against popular VoIP attacks.


The mailbox is a standard feature across the Vodia PBX. It can play various announcements; including the name of the extension or a choice of personal greetings. New messages are notified via a “message waiting” indication on VoIP phones, by email or by SMS. Should a user not retrieve the message within a certain amount of time, the PBX can ring the user and deliver the message or escalate to a manager.

Google Speech-to-Text

Vodia PBX integrates with Google Speech-to-Text API for converting the recorded message into a text preview

Auto Attendant

The auto-attendant helps direct incoming callers to the right user. It supports a multitude of pre-recorded or custom announcements and includes dual-language support.


Vodia PBX contains an audio-bridge for conferencing participants. These can be ad-hoc or scheduled with the participants either being called by the PBX or they can dial in.

Hunt and Agent Groups

For low-volume calls, hunt groups provide an easy way to distribute calls; with different melodies and messaging-on-hold.

Where call volumes are higher; Agent Groups allow for lining up incoming calls with waiting positions and estimated waiting times. During the waiting time, the PBX can mix-up announcements and music-on-hold. Agent groups can handle multiple identities and announce them at the beginning of the call – useful where an agent answers different streams of incoming calls

In addition to routing the inbound call, agent groups also support handling of calling lists; either allowing the agent to initiate the call or start calls autonomously and assign it to the next available agent


Vodia PBX comes with existing capabilities to quickly and easily integrate it into Property Management Systems (PMS) and popular CRM tools including SalesForce. Simple API calls or generic methods including ActionURL and server-side EMCA scripting allows for integration within non-mainstream systems.


Vodia PBX also allows for storing and forwarding of Call Data Records (CDR) via simple CSV system files or sent via HTTP and TCP connections to remote systems for storage, reporting and/or further processing.


A REST API allows for the PBX to be programmed without the need to connect to the web UI – making it possible to run the PBX as a functional entity within your network

Snom Handsets and Accessories

High-quality handsets and accessories can only complement the perfect Vodia PBX. We use and recommend Snom.

Snom VoIP telephony is German engineered high-quality equipment with superb audio, sophisticated software and paired with Vodia brings a beautiful, stylish, powerful and flexible communication experience

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Need a more mobile desk phone? Bria Mobile for Android and iOS pairs nicely with the Vodia and Snom solution – bring you a full circled solution to extend your PBX; enable your BYOD solution and save you money by using a hosted voice-service which stretches out to your mobile fleet.

  • Make High Definition voice and video calls over IP using H.264 and VP8 codecs
  • Send and receive Instant Messages and share files, videos and images from within the app
  • See user-presence in real-time
  • Comprehensive call history panel
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