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Aruba Networks; an HPE company

Unleash the Internet Of Things with ClearPass

ClearPass – Secure access

for guest, BYOD and corporate devices.


Whenever and wherever your team work, you need a simple way to let them and any other guest securely connect from any device to your network – without fuss & without compromising security.

ClearPass – secure wired/Wi-Fi, guest access, device on-boarding, device health checks and strong enforcement capabilities.

Business Benefits of IoT


Increased innovation


Cost savings


Increased innovation


Visibility across the organisation

The IoT powered smart office

Boost efficiency and innovation.


IoT can deliver smart spaces – intelligent conference rooms, location services, and real-time monitoring are just a few of the applications that make the workplace more efficient and productive. Across all verticals, 81% have seen notable increases in business efficiency and innovation as a result of IoT adoption.

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