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Microsoft Tech for Social Impact

A cloud-first program to ensure that non-profits of every size have access to the world-class cloud technology they need to accelerate the work they are doing to accomplish their missions.

Technology driving social impact in the non-profit sector.

Non-profit organisations play a vital role in advocating for the vulnerable, strengthening communities, and delivering essential services.  Limited funding and resources can challenge non-profits to meet increasing demand and demonstrate their social impact objectives are being met.

Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact is a world-wide program designed to tackle the two major challenges faced by non-profits and charities.

In Australia, the program is supported by Rhipe for change and the vast expertise of Microsoft’s Cloud Service Partner community.

As an approved non-profit/charity, participation in this program will see your organisation partnered with a local Australian partner of Microsoft, together with access to unique technology & services and NFP pricing.

The program is designed to tackle the two major challenges faced by non-profit NGO’s and charities worldwide:

Financial Constraints

Technology provides a powerful tool for charities & non-profits to better meet the needs of the communities they serve. Yet, the cost of modernising technology systems can be daunting, and a difficult trade-off when resources are limited.
This program helps to reduce cost barriers, supporting non-profits to increase their social impact by using more connected, collaborative, efficient and secure ways of working.

Digital Up-skilling

Participating in the Tech for Social Impact program is entirely voluntary.
To become a participant, your Microsoft licensing account must be linked to an Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider.
The advantages of joining this program are numerous. You’ll experience improved visibility and management of your Microsoft licensing, enhanced flexibility, scalability, access to services and support, and a constant stream of updates and enhancements from Microsoft.

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