The ‘New Normal’ for Cloud Storage Management

Artificial Intelligence
for IT Operations (AIOps)


Did you know, 2019 marks almost 20 years for some of the well-known cloud providers in the industry?

Future Outlook

Enterprises in Australia have a good history of using cloud services and are close to their peers in the United States and Western Europe

Hybrid IT – 3rd Platform Innovation

Consumption-based platforms offering management, automation and orchestration capabilities are at the forefront in today’s World, helping to drive-down IT costs whilst minimising risks, optimising ROI’s, improve standadisation and governance issues whilst improving internal service delivery levels and agility.

Digital Transformation and the Road to AIOps

Digital Transformation over the past few years has seen an increase in cloud migration, the implementation of new technologies and an ever-increasing change in the workforce. This has also brought a change in the way we interact with our applications and how developers manage that shift.

New digital users, machines, agents, Internet Of Things (IOT) devices, communication channels etc. – things that organisations didn’t need to consider in the past has strained traditional performance and service management strategies.

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) is the shift required to handle this digital transformation in IT Operations.

AIOps as the ‘New Normal’ for Cloud Storage Management

AIOps – the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and Big Data analytics to the modern challenges of infrastructure management.

AIOps is best defined as a multi-layered technology platform that automates and enhances IT operations by:

  • Using analytics and machine learning to analyse big data
  • Automatically spot and react to issues in real-time

To understand why this shift is needed, an IDC survey of Australian enterprises found the top 2 business priorities are:

  1. Improving employee productivity and profitability
  2. Developing a culture of innovation and driving disruptive ecosystem experiences

A key to achieving this are developers – they become instrumental in executing digital strategies and unlocking value from intelligent data sources. Instrumental to this is flexible infrastructure that supports higher volume and velocity of app development as more agile development practices are put in place.

The majority of developers also plan to increase the user of modern methods such as DevOps to increase software quality and reduce time to deploy new code. In Australia, almost 70% of enterprises surveyed already practise DevOps methodologies and frameworks.

So how can IT Support with Best Practices for Cloud Deployment and Management Options?

Australia has a good history of using cloud services and are close to their peers in the United States and Western Europe (if not leading in some areas). An important element in this shift will be the modernisation of existing infrastructure and operations which will impact all areas of IT infrastructure.

HPE InfoSight is HPE’s AIOps platform – its capabilities are built on Nimble Storage’s predictive technology for flash storage. The InfoSight platform gains its intelligence from data collected from HPE’s global installed base of hybrid cloud storage – giving it a real-time analysis on current storage issues and risks; allowing it to model the ideal operating environment for different workloads and applications; identify when and where customer’s storage systems deviate from the resulting benchmark of “good ops”; and automatically responding to issues before problems can escalate and cause damage to performance or customer experiences.

This telemetry now covers not only storage systems, but also the surrounding infrastructure of network and compute, giving InfoSight a more holistic picture.

In Australia, there is an intent to move up to

of workloads from legacy on-premises to cloud infrastructure and services

HPE InfoSight promises to radically lower management time, expense and performance risks associated with hybrid cloud storage

less time spent managing storage problems
lower storage operational expenses
of storage issues resolved automatically
of problems it resolves are outside storage

Would you like to discover more about AIOps?

The IDC Solution Spotlight examines the challenges in storage management arising from cloud adoption, the potential of AIOps as an emerging solution for sustainable and scalable cloud storage management, and HPE’s InfoSight platform for hybrid cloud storage.